MeisterTask: Das Good!

MeisterTask: No Limits

Product Summary:

Like all of the other software packages, this app allows multiple users to track progress and goals for projects seamlessly.

Users can create an unlimited number of projects and invite others via email to work together. It also has customizable project dashboards which allow users to create project sections according to their needs.

MeisterTask allows users to get instant notifications of project status when a task gets completed and communicate with others members in real time. Users can access their to-do lists on the go via mobiles devices. MeisterTask is also compatible with Google Drive, Slack, GitHub and Zendesk. This last section is particularly important when developing software. GitHub and Slack are well know share sites for executable file times. 

How to Use:

Introductory video on the basics of the platform. Notice that this program has a unique interface.

For additional information and training, click the button below to view the Meistertask training channel on YouTube.

MeisterTask is completely web-based, and like other web-based software packages, it means that you and your colleagues can collaborate in real-time and all changes you make are instantly visible across all devices. Additionally, duplicate or lost project files occur far less frequently because all relevant information is now safely stored in a central place.

Below is the interface as seen from an administrative point of view.

The web-based structure also encourages mobile access for all team members. 


Advantages to this software package:

  • The app comes with an unusually large and well developed number of pre-built elements for "Open", "In Progress", and "done".

  • Well suited for both group and projects with few or only one person.

  • The software is free to use when operation with the more basic functions. The higher and more sophisticated functions are pay for use.

  • MeisterTracker was rated 4.5 stars from several software review sites including

  • Cross platform and mobile options are available

Tool Disadvantages:

Aspects of the software that are less than awesome:

Reviewers from the g2Crowd added more specific complaints about the inner functions of the app's processes. 

I created a task card it would auto-assign it to me. It would be okay if this was a setting I had to toggle to activate but it gets very tedious when I need to assign several cards at once.

  • Limitations on the number of people that you can assign to as task.

  • Not as many features or available web-based plugins as Trello.

  • Lacks a more sophisticated search engine for in-project content searches.

  • Some felt that the drag and drop interface might pose an issue when moving tasks between projects.


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