AREA154: Apocalypse Division

Science to survive the end of days.

"The most innovative curriculum design I've ever seen."

M.Hixon, SJUSD Senior Cabinet

"The dopest science class I've ever been in."

W. Thomas, AREA154 Agent

By Super Volcano

The caldera sitting under Yellow Stone National Park is 60,000 years over due for eruption.

Nuclear war

For decades the world has lived on the brink of a nuclear meltdown. Even more likely, the release of the dreaded EMP.

Economic Collapse

The US dollar, hinged on the OPEC oil racket, is more fragile than ever. When it goes, we all go.

Asteroid impact

At best, 90% of the population is wiped out. Worst case, not even bacteria makes it out alive.

Microbial hyper-bug

Used in the 1980's prions were used in cows to test mind control. If it spreads, enter the zombies

Game-based design

Students participate in the curriculum as "Agents in Training" learning how to use science to save themselves and the ones they love.

Alien invasion or return?

Antarctica holds classified secrets Alien? The Nazis thought so. What if they return for us?

Achievement points

By showing excellence with the work and daring to take on additional science-based challenges, "agents" can rank up acquiring new and bold classroom privileges.