Trained to used science to seek the truth

"Literally years beyond in design for teaching science to a digital audience"

- B.Tokanaga, Chemistry Teacher, MMHS

"I was taught more than just chemistry, I was taught to love its power."

- T. Abbot, Former Agent current AP chemistry student.

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MH370 - It's true fate

Think that plane crashed in the Indian Ocean? Science says otherwise. This is the investigation into what really happened. The truth will be difficult to accept.

Crime Scene investigation

Agents trained on how to conduct investigations and look into cases than can only be solved with specific chemical skills.


A touchy subject for most, but a worthy investigation into heat releasing chemical reaction and nanothermite. Something about the math will have you scratching your head.

usage in the field

As a field agent in training, the understanding of applied chemistry can become a matter of life and death. Agents learn reaction chemistry to apply to different field operations.

Nuclear Power

The real reasons why "fast breeder" uranium reactors were chosen over a reactor that was 100x safer. We had the technology for unlimited electrical power and let it go.

Anywhere anytime

Agents have 24/7 access to curriculum and opportunities to take assessments, collaborate with other agents, and develop solutions for advanced challenges.

The paranormal truth

IF... ghosts could be caught on camera, why has no credible picture or video ever been taken? The science behind the paranormal begins here.

Acheivement Points

By showing excellence with the work and daring to take on additional science-based challenges, "agents" can rank up acquiring new and bold classroom privileges.