Atom and Quark

Atom & Quark

One of the very first "choose your own adventure" style multi-menu DVDs for teaching elementary school-age children about advanced science.

Interactive Story driven learning for the modern student.

Atom & Quark: Space Adventure

Designed for teaching young students about stars, planets, constalations, and fusion, and telescopes

Digital Green Screen Effects

Epic special effects designed to command attention while students learn

Emotional Engagement

Turns and twists in the story plot enable emotional connections to the story and characters to retain information about the content.

Atom & Quark: Table of Secrets

The periodic table has never been this exciting! Quark's designer, Dr. Medelford has been taken from his lab. Students help pour over the periodic table for clues to save him.

Interactive DVD menus

Allows for students to use the DVD to make choices and get key feedback on those selections.

The choice is yours...

All of the DVDs are designed to be done in any order the classroom chooses to increase the control over the content and the power over the learning.