Boldly Going

Boldly Going...

Winner of the 2003 Subaru National Science Teaching Award, Boldly Going was written, designed, and constructed by Torrence Temple with art and visual assistance from Nathan Temple. The five day  epic journey was a learning simulation designed to teach students about the planets in the solar system by exploring them to find the lost 5 core firing pieces of the now mothballed USS Renegade.

NOTE: As you watch the videos notice the breaks in dialog. This effect allows for 'live' interaction as the "captain" of the Renegade talks back to the people in the video. This is an intentional in design.

DAY 1: Something wicked this way comes.

Massive energy bursts have been erupting from nearby G-Class star systems. As Earth's sun is a G-class star, worries arise as these bursts get closer. Dispatched on an exploratory mission to test the "Quantum Drive" The formally retired USS Renegade is called back into service to investigate. What was supposed to be a routine mission takes a horrifying turn.

DAY 2: We are on our own.

After realizing the Renegade and her crew has been cut off from Earth's command structure, her captain has to make several hard decisions, including breaking the Alderan Accord to rebuild the only thing that might stand between Earth and total destruction.

DAY 3: One piece down, four to go.

Optimistic with early success, the Renegade presses on with the data she and her crew collect and use to decipher the clues left by a crazy base commander who saw this coming by no one believed him. 

DAY 4: A crazy commander, a lost love, and the most outlawed substance in the system.

Nearing the end of the journey, pressure mounts as the planet killer reaches ever closer. The 4th piece is found and the only clue to the last piece leads the Renege and her Captain to face off with a long time nemesis.

DAY 5: The fate of the world, the human race, all comes down to this.

The stealthy Russian carrier, Gagarin, has shown herself to help aid in the fight. However, the real key to this conflict lies in the hands of the most wanted smuggler in the system, and he's the Captain's brother.