Document Design

Document Design

Making the impossible possible with interactive PDF documents using Adobe Creative Cloud tools, focused on InDesign.

"Learning to thrive"

Designed for AREA154: Apocalypse Division, this case, which details survival from an alien invastion, this interactive document uses color design to utilize document organization and interactive links to launch videos and send students to take assessments.

"Learning to Live"

The document here is another example of an interactive PDF document deployed from the AREA154: Apocalypse Division website.

Chapter 1: "The Forbidden Waters"

Designed with the same goals in  mind, this was a schematic workup of the "Raiders of Khemoria" online chemistry and physics-based game. This concept was written into a 1.2 million dollar grant for the NSF to consider for furthering research into gaming and learning.

"Agent Morin"

Each student in the AREA154 program is issued an ID card that measures their achievement progress through out the year. This was a collabrative effort between InDesign and Photoshop. The student was photographed on a green screen and the background replaced with Photoshop.

"Raiders of Khemoria" Nuclear Fallout Map.

The land of Khemoria is Earth, but after 120 years after a nuclear war that melted the ice caps, flooded the Earth, and killed 84% of the world's population. This map indicates where the fallout was and how it slowed development in the affected areas.