Image Editing

Image Editing

Photoshop is  the right hand of every media production specialist. Used document production, texture development for 3D applications, and for video and special FX. These are samples where Photoshop is used to edit and develop images used for these purposes.

Time Lapse photography

Enhanced and sharpened in Photoshop, this is an image of Bora Bora at midnight during a full moon.

Logo design

Created for an after school program that eventually turned into a small business.

United Space Command Logo

Developed for use in the "Boldly Going" classroom simulation that won the 2003 Subaru National Science Teaching Award.

Operation YUMVEE

This program logo was created for an ongoing science project aimed at developing alternative fuels for a vehicle designed to survive the apocalypse.

Achievement Logos

Hundreds of images were developed for use in the Achievement Program for both AREA154 programs. This is a sample of one of the Achievement badges called, "Born from Fire".

One Step Beyond

This program logo was created for a personal growth and improvement program used with secondary students to consistently move "One Step Beyond" where they used to be in order to always continue growing.