Video Production

Video Production

Using a combination of SONY digital video cameras and 35 mm DSLRs many of the videos seen here are a combination of projects designed for learning, samples of big projects, or projects done for third party clients.

"You Thought You Knew"

The full title being "The Top 5 Things You Thought You Knew, But Had No Idea", was a project started with the help of the district superintendent, Dr. Diane Perez. The goal was to help humanize and connect the leadership of the district to the people who worked inside the district. 


These are three examples taken from YTYK Season one.

Top: Matt Hixson
(Ast. Sup. Int. Human Resources)

Middle: Sherry Smith
(Ast. Sup. Int. Student Services)

Bottom: Seth Heeren
(Ast. Sup. Business Services)

Every 15 Minutes

A nation wide program where high schools in partner with the Highway Patrol stage crash scenes and simulate the entire consequential process of drinking and driving. This video was directed and edited by me. 

"Zombie Apocalypse"

This introduction video to the AREA154: Apocalypse Division Microbial infestation. A series of videos were used to train agents samples of these videos are below.

"Tweaker Defense"

Filmed and directed by Torrence Temple, starring Chris Serania this training video address combative associated with defeating the "Zombie Horde"

This is a sample of the 4 videos made to train agents for conflict.

"Don't Care About Math"

Project overview video where a behavior called Math Apathy envelopes students and destroys their motivation to learn. This video introduces the study. 

"Farewell to My Brother"

In effort to say  good bye to my brother, my best friend, I took the church service for his memorial and used After Effects, Photoshop, and Premiere to put his memorial in the one place he would have really wanted it. Deep in the heard of stellar darkness. 

"We Are at War"

In cooperation with Atomic Learning, located in Ohio, this video was made for them to disperse as a marketing tool that would encourage school administration to take a more serious look at technology training for teachers. 

"Temple Tells It"

A video commentary video program where I would talk about stuff from my own perspective. This video was in effort to promote my brother's Kickstarter program.  


In effort to help, then student, Frank Rivera to visualize his dream of getting into SWAT when he was older. This video was written, directed, produced, and edited in one afternoon to meet the deadline for his Monday morning release. 

"My Mortgage Docs Webinar"

Produced in a screen cast format using animations and screen recordings, this training was designed to train notary public members to use and thrive in the new Mortgage Docs interface.