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  • Masters Degree in Educational Tecnology & Learning


Azusa Pacific University

Classes Taught

EDUC514: Video Editing

The art of video editing is dificult on it's own. However, when the rigor of making video for learning is added to the mix, the level of complication gets much more demanding. This class makes sense of this daunting task.

EDUC525: Webdesign

Webdesign for educational purposes follows a development and design process that is unique to the educational profession. This class helps students develop sites that are not only usable, but enhance the teacher's ability to effectively deploy instruction.


An in depth study into the design and application of multimedia, simulation design, immersive media design, and support media creation through the use of support applications and from resources online.

EDUC515: TEch Trends

Technology tools change all the time and to make the most of those changes

educ512:office apps

The Microsoft office suite offers a multitude of tools for instructors to use to deliver content to students to enhance learning. This class is part learning software and part learning learning design.

educ522:office apps

Planning the implementation of instruction requires and intimate understanding of curriculum design and the psychological purposes behind those designs. Students push into the realm of neuropsychology, behavioral psychology, multiple intelligence, and theories in curriculum planning and development.

educ527: Ind study

For students that have reached beyond the realm of the traditional Program, this special topics class was designed to challenge students with special skill-sets and a will to reach beyond.

taught 150+ masters level classes

"Tory Temple demonstrated the use of video in the classroom in inspiring ways. His mix of psychological research applied to the classroom setting has opened my eyes and changed the way I approach Teaching."
BenJamin Sisson, masters student, APU 2016
"Tory presents learning technology not only as it is, but what it can be. I have been a teacher for years and after having gone through Mr. Temple's classes (I tool two with him) I feel like I'm beginning a brand new empowered journey in my classroom."
Jody Barnyak, masters student, APU 2012